Digital TV

A hand pressing a button on a TV remote.


Services include:

  • TV Pick up and Delivery
  • TV Set-up and Installation
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • TV Re-tuning 
  • DVD and Recorder Set-up
  • TV Internet Connection
  • TV Smart Device Set-up

TV Antenna

TV Antenna


Services include:

  • TV Antenna Installation on new and existing homes
  • Reception Checks for poor signal
  • TV Antenna point installation and relocation
  • Roughing in and cabling in new homes

Home Theatre

People sitting on a couch watching a TV in a home theatre room.


Services include:

  • Speaker Cabling and Installation
  • Projector Installation

Satellite TV

Satellite TV dish.


Do you have no reception? 

There are many black spot areas in and around Batemans Bay that pick up no TV reception. But we have the solution to your problem. Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) provides digital television and radio services in remote areas. Hometech Installations can install a new satellite dish and VAST decoder so you can enjoy digital TV once again. 

Services include:

  • VAST Satellite Installation
  • VAST Decoders
  • Service set-up

Ducted Vacuum

 Are you sick of lugging around your vacuum? We have the solution for you! 

Our Ducted Vacuum System is exactly what it sounds like - a vacuum in your wall! This system works by using a retractable vacuum hose that comes out of a point in your wall. It can also include small floor sweepers for convenient removal of debris after a quick sweep.

Services include:

  • Ducted Vacuum Installation in existing and new homes
  • Ducted Vacuum servicing

Ducted Vacuum
Ducted Vacuum